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What I'm Looking For

Hello and welcome to my page. Here you will find out what I am looking for in a mentee. First, if you haven't noticed I am a huge romantic. Give me all your swoon-worthy HEA YA manuscripts.

Specifically, I am open to YA Contemporary and Fantasy with one of the main themes being romance. Unfortunately, I'm not looking for European themes and high fantasy. I'd like to see diverse cultures and myths with a twist. Also, since I am bisexual I'm always open to queer stories. I'm actively looking for POC and QPOC writers but I'm open to everyone.

Lastly, I love when my expectations are subverted within the story but always with a HEA.


Since I am doing several passes on a full manuscript I would like a mentee that is very open-minded toward edits.

We'll be doing exercises together to get you ready and transform your outlook on writing a manuscript so please, if you choose me, be ready for this. Although I can be a little tough I love to heap on compliments. If you're my mentee, you'll always know how highly I think of your talent. But again be ready for criticism and work.

Also, once you are my mentee you're part of my WriteMentor family and I am invested in your career. I have mentee sisters from the WriteMentor program and I wouldn't be where I am today without them and my mentor B.B. Swann.

I truly can't wait to work with you!


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Destinee Schriner loves anime, comics, crocheting, and everything romantic. One of her favorite things to do is sit down with a steaming fragrant cup of chai tea and write. Her dream is to tour and experience the beauty of Japan one day. She is an Air Force Veteran and has traveled all over the United States. Destinee identifies as bisexual and lives with her husband and daughter in Idaho. 

Her short story, Beware of the Iso-Onna, was published in the 2019 anthology Of Kami & Yokai by Fantasia Divinity Magazine.

I now have an agent through the Purcell Agency. More info can be found here,



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